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I apologize for the sudden disappearance. It's been a rough time, and I've been focusing more on my poetry. I'll be updating soon, and I'll keep you posted. Hope you all stick around for the updates. 
You were about to retire to bed after an overly exhausting day, so when your phone rang it was an obvious surprise. You walked over and checked the caller ID not recognizing the number calling, you picked up regardless.

"Hello, is this ________?"

"Speaking, who is it?"

"It's Rin… Matsuoka Rin."

Matsuoka? You recognized the name faintly "Officer?"

His chuckle echoed through the speaker. "Just call me Rin."

"Uh R-rin was there something you needed?"

"I just wanted to check if you're free tomorrow"

"Yeah I guess, since it's my day off."

"How about I take you out tomorrow night then?"

"You mean as a d-date?"

The silence on the other end irked you, then you heard a sharp intake of breath. "Yes a date."

Laying in your bed curled up to a pillow, you couldn't get yourself to sleep anymore. There was a prominent excitement building in your belly and you couldn't shake it off. You were going on a date with the hot policeman you met a week ago, you couldn't believe it!
Your thoughts strayed to the events that occurred when you met him and you felt your face flush in embarrassment. You pulled the pillow closer and pushed your face against it, mumbling incoherent chiding words to yourself.

The next morning you were nestled on your living room couch, a cooling cup of coffee lay untouched on the table across from you. The silence was overwhelming and you were chewing on your nails; a nervous habit of yours. The sudden burst of your door didn't alarm you in the slightest. You looked up to find your uncle fidgeting and talking animatedly at your front door. You were too preoccupied to even react to him as you went back to chewing your nails and staring at the ground. Your uncle tried calling your name a few times to garner your attention and failed terribly, he then rushed to your side and shook you a little, you suddenly looked up at him and let your fingers fall away from your lips.

"What am I supposed to wear?"

Your uncle's face contorted into one of confusion. "Huh? What are you talking about? Didn't you hear what I was saying?"

You cringed, realizing that you almost outed yourself. The last thing you needed was your family prying on your love life, or what's left of it. "Nothing, just forget I said anything. What were you saying again?"

"What's going on with you?"

"I told you to forget it, just tell me what you need."

Your uncle didn't waste a second in returning to his rambling. You tried your hardest to listen to him, you really did! It just wouldn't work, your mind kept wandering to a certain date with a certain red-haired cop. Every few minutes your uncle would catch you drifting off, and nudge you with his elbow to gain your attention. You would turn to him and nod as if you were actually listening, while in reality your ears were deaf to his complaints.

"So she tried to hit me with a frying pan! What should I do now?"

Your eyes turned to fall on your uncle's face and you paused, trying to form an answer. "Huh? I'm sorry I didn't catch that."

"_________-chan! Why aren't you listening to me?"

"I was listening!"

"No you weren't! Now tell your dear uncle what's actually going on with you."

"Nothing I promise, I'm just a little distracted."

"You can't expect me to believe that, can you?"

"It's nothing!"

"Oh come on! Tell me."

You finally burst, your uncle's persistent nagging getting the best of you. "A date! That's what is going on with me. Oh god! When was the last time I went on a date? What am I supposed to do? Or wear? Should I do my hair? Oh god! I can't breathe."

Your rambling turned into hyperventilating, while you're uncle chuckled at your expense.

"Finally! My niece on a date! Who's the lucky man?"

"The officer that arrested me last week."

"The officer that arrested you last week?" he deadpanned

"Yes! He's so good-looking goddamn it, and- and I'm… Me! Oh god what am I supposed to do?"

"Calm down, I'll make sure you're ready for your date. I'll just call Momo-chan so she can set you up with an appointment at the salon she goes to."

You calculated your uncle's words and began calming down slowly, a salon might be exactly what you needed. You uncle instantly whipped out his phone and began making the necessary phone calls.

"You're appointment is in two hours, make sure to get there on time so you can get your hair and nails done."

You nodded excitedly and jumped up to hug your uncle. To say he was shocked was an understatement, but he welcomed the rare show of affection and wrapped his arms around you in retaliation.

"Oh! I also called my Momo and she's going to take you out shopping so get dressed."


"Come on! Get up there's no time to waste."

Your uncle pushed you into your room excitedly and went back to making his phone calls. You quickly redressed in robotic motions, your mind unable to understand the situation you were in.

You finally snapped out of your daze in the department store, standing in front of a stall filled with lacy lingerie. Your uncle's new wife; Momo stood next to you while holding up a racy black teddy to her form.

"Momo-chan! What kind of date do you think it is?!"

"You have to spice it up, keep him on edge!"

You groaned in frustration. "Momo-chan!"

"Okay, okay I get it. Let's go look at the new collection of summer dresses."

She hurriedly grabbed you by the wrist and dragged you off to a different area in the store. She didn't hesitate in piling up a selection of colorful dresses in your arms. You were then ushered into a fitting room and instructed to try on the different dresses.
You tried them on one at a time; the blue one with the extremely revealing neckline, the maroon backless one, the extremely tight emerald one. With each dress you tried on defeat began to weigh heavily on you.

You liked you uncle's new wife, but sometimes she could be… hard to deal with. She was a little younger than your uncle, with long blonde locks, a surprisingly fit body and a strange sense of fashion. She could be a little air-headed at times, but you knew she made your uncle happy and that's all you could ask for.

After the exhausting clothes fitting montage you were drained. You sat cross legged on the floor of the fitting room with you head in your hands.

"Oh come on, cheer up! There is still one dress left for you to try on."

You looked up to Momo and unintentionally glared.

"Don't look at me like that. Get up! I want to see that last dress on you."

You begrudgingly stood up, closed the curtain to the fitting room, and began undressing to try on the final dress.

Staring at yourself in the mirror you were shocked, the lavender dress actually looked good on you. Not too tight, not to revealing and it flattered you. It showed the right amount of skin and flowed just right.

"Come out already, what does it look like?"

You opened the curtain to show Momo the dress. She was about to say something but closed her lips and grinned instead. "You look so pretty _________-chan. I think this is our winner."

You rushed to pay for the dress and left the store. You dropped off Momo at her friend's house and hurried to your salon appointment.

In the salon you were happily greeted by the owner. You discussed what you wanted done with hair shortly, and they set off to work. You had decided to get a hair-dye, nothing to extreme just a little lighter in shade than your original hair color.

During the time the hair-dye was setting you were answering different phone calls, because your uncle decided to inform the whole family of his new discovery. You mother cooed at you and you could faintly hear your father in the background threatening to harm your date if he misbehaved. You were just about done with your family's constant interference so you decided to toss your phone aside for a while in favor to getting your nails done.

Almost done you chanted as you were waiting for your nails to dry, but felt something missing. There was a certain foreboding silence around, you remembered your phone and realized its absence was the reason for the silence. You looked around you, trying to find your phone but soon realized that it was missing. You flitted around the salon trying to find where you had misplaced your phone, and just as you were about to give up you heard the unmistakable sound of your ringtone. Your eyes landed on a woman about to exit the  salon; your phone clutched in her hand. She flinched under your glare and turned to look at you, she realized your gaze was directed at the phone in her hand and instantly bolted out of the store.

You immediately followed behind her. "Hey you! Where the hell do you think you're going with my phone?!"

She only turned to glance at you before stepping into her car and driving away. On instinct you rushed to get your purse and car-keys and decided to pursue her.
It wasn't exactly a high-speed chase, but the woman was elusive; taking different shortcuts. You were behind the wheel cursing, the cellophane still in your hair while trying to catch up to her car. Unbeknownst to you the woman took the liberty in answering your phone calls for you.

Officer Matsuoka was on break, a cup of hot coffee in his hand and his phone clutched in his other. He decided to give you a call to fill you in on the details for the date, but was greeted instead by the husky voice of a different woman.

"Hello darlin'."

"Umm _________?"

"__________? With a voice that sexy you can call me anything you want."

"Who am I speaking with?"

"You're the one calling my phone, shouldn't you know?"

Rin was getting irritated with this strange woman's advances. "I am calling __________ ."

"How rude! Are you accusing me of stealing this phone?"

Rin was about to retort, but suddenly the woman hung up on him. Rin stared at the phone speechless, trying to find an explanation to the strange phone call he just made. Someone must have stolen her phone he thought. With that epiphany a series of thoughts followed; What if she was hurt? What if she got herself into trouble? That would explain why the phone wasn't in her possession. Rin darted into one of the many offices at the police station, and slammed his hand on his coworker's desk to gain his attention. The young man looked up from his police reports to witness an agitated Rin staring right at him, his eyes blazing with anger and worry.

"What is it Matsuoka?"

"I need a favor."

On the other hand you had finally caught up to the woman's car, honking and trying to stop her from getting farther away.

You rolled down your window and called out to her.  "Stop the car this instant! You better give me my phone back!"

The woman's car suddenly halted, and you narrowly avoided hitting her car. She stepped out, her facial expressions showed irritation as she marched over to you. You growled inwardly and stepped out of your own car to confront the woman, and take your phone back.

"Stop following me!"

"Are you kidding me? You just stole my phone and made a run for it! Do you expect me to just stand there and do nothing?"

"It's just a stupid phone! I don't get why you're making such a big deal out of it."

"Because it's MY phone!"

You lunged to grab the phone in her hand, but the woman reflexively pulled away. You managed to grasp her wrist, and tried to free the phone from her iron grip. She was struggling to get away from you, spewing random profanities in hopes of distracting you. In the heat of the moment you missed the sound of nearby police sirens, but the sound of a voice calling your name caught your attention. You turned around to see Rin running towards you.

"Damn! The cops are here!" The woman relinquished her hold on your phone and stumbled back to her car, trying to get as far away from the scene as possible.

When Rin finally reached you he noticed your stiff form, the phone clutched protectively in your hand. He instinctively pulled you closer, his hands grabbing you by the shoulders.

"Is everything okay? Are you alright? Are you hurt anywhere?"

His barrage of questions stumped you. "What are you doing here?"

"I tried calling you, but this other woman picked up instead. I worried you might have gotten yourself into trouble so I tracked down the location of the phone number using the police's GPS."

"It was nothing that serious, I was just in the salo-" You paused suddenly and backed away from Rin, your hand shot up to your hair and your fingertips touched the cellophane still in your hair. You blushed profusely and began stammering.
Too embarrassed to handle the situation you jumped back into your car and drove off, leaving a stunned Rin behind.

He stared on as your car disappeared from his sight. He sighed in defeat and his fingers curled into a fist, he felt like punching something but decided to take a calming breath instead.

"Why does she always run away?"

Back at your apartment you were a mess, rushing to rinse the dye out of your hair, and freaking out over what happened with Rin. You eventually settled down in your living room, wearing your blue dolphin pajama bottoms and a white tank top. Your hair was still dripping wet, tied into a messy bun. The hair dye was left on for too long, and the color turned out completely different from what you asked for. You felt defeated, embarrassed and exhausted. You made a total fool of yourself in front of Rin and it was a horrifying experience.

Just as you were about to bust into tears you heard a knock on your door, it was probably your uncle you thought. You walked up to the door ready to tell him off and instead was greeted by the sight of a disheveled Rin.


He grinned before shaking his head. "I told you to call me Rin didn't I?"

"What are you doing here?"

He turned his face away from you, itching the back of his neck absentmindedly. "You just ran away, again… so I got your address from the police directory and decided to come see you."

"I'm sorry for running away like that b-but-" You buried your face in your hands, unable to continue your sentence.

Rin gently pulled your hands away from your face and looked at you, a little downtrodden. "You don't have to be embarrassed."

"How could I not? I looked horrible and I was fighting with some random woman, it was the worst. I also completely ruined our date"

"You didn't, things happen so you shouldn't worry so much. I just wanted to see you, I don't care what you look like or where we are."

Your eyes widened in disbelief. You felt your heart fill to the brim with warmth. "You're really sweet, do you know that?"

It was Rin's turn to stutter. "W-what are you t-talking about. Me… sweet?"

You chuckled at his attempt to deny your accusations. "Thank you, this made me feel much better."

He grinned at you, satisfied with the results of his endeavor. "About that date. How about we just stay at your apartment instead?"

"But my place is a total wreck, and my fridge is practically empty!"

"A coffee would be more than enough." You nodded shyly and shifted from your place at the door, giving him enough space to enter.

He respectfully took his place on your couch and waited as you disappeared into the kitchen. You returned a few minutes later with two cups of coffee in your hands. Rin's eyes raked over your form, he noticed the dolphins on your pajama bottoms and remembered his friend Haruka. He chuckled fondly at the memory, making you frown in question.

You realized he was staring at your pants and slapped yourself mentally. "I d-didn't really k-know you were c-coming. If I did I would've dressed appropriately."

"It's not what you think, it's just that the dolphins reminded me of a friend."

"A friend?"

This launched Rin into a detailed account of his friend Haruka, and their high-school years. He told you about their swimming days, and the relays they competed in. You giggled when he told you about his friend's weird habit of wearing his swimsuit under his school uniform, and the rest of the swimming team's antics. He also mentioned officer Yamazaki, whom you instantly remembered and expressed your slight fear of. "He's actually a really nice guy, but he is very serious when it comes to his job." he told you.

A few hours rolled by without either of you noticing, until you glanced the time on the clock hanging in your living room.  "Oh! look at the time. I can't believe it's this late."

Rin turned to look at the clock and smiled, "I guess I was too entranced by you to notice either."

You blushed at his compliment. "Even when I look like this?" You pointed to your hair sarcastically

He didn't answer you, but instead reached over to untie your hair sending it tumbling down your shoulders.

He twirled a lock between his forefinger and thumb and smirked. "I like it."

He was so close, you could feel his breath fanning against your face. He inched closer and looked to you, as if asking permission before closing the gap. His lips were a little chapped, but warm and comforting against yours. His hand let go of your hair and slithered up to you neck, craning your head so he can deepen the kiss. Moments later you separated, his eyes were locked with yours and you could feel the intensity of his gaze crawling under your skin.

You were about to lean in again until - "__________-chan!"

You backed away from each other instantly, a little jolted from the interruption. You turned to witness your uncle standing in your apartment, holding a leash tied to his golden retriever. Your uncle lost control over the leash and the dog instantly ran and jumped on the unsuspecting Rin. The dog was slobbering all over his face and you couldn't help but let out a chuckle.
He eventually managed to calm the dog down, petting him lovingly. You refocused on your uncle, an obvious disdain in your eyes to his surprise entrance.

"__________-chan, who is this young man?" You knew that your uncle know who he was, he was just using this opportunity to tease you.

"I'm officer Matsuoka Rin. Nice to meet you." Rin beat you to the introduction.

"Oh I see. I hope you're treating my _________-chan well."


Why does this always happen to you?
It started with your average morning routine on your day off; wake up a little later than usual, drink a cup of coffee in hopes that the caffeine would kick in early, and eventually settle in front of the TV. Until your crazy uncle burst through the front door of your modest apartment. This was a typical occurrence, which explains why you didn't even flinch from your place on the plush blue couch.

"_________-chan!" You didn't bother to move from your place, you lazily leaned back to look at him and blinked twice; expecting an explanation.

"Lovely, lovely ________-chan, tell me how much you love your uncle dearest."

You were about to chuckle sarcastically, but opted for silence. "What is it this time?"

"You see, I need to ask you for a favor."

You sighed, a little deflated but eventually nodded in acceptance. Your uncle in turn proceeded to hold you hostage in an unnecessary bear hug.

It's not that your uncle was a bad person, the opposite in fact but he seemed to attract trouble wherever he went. He has the tendency to do stupid things in the worst situations, and this is where you come in. In your family you were recognized as a problem-solver, which is why you often got tangled in your uncle's random shenanigans.

Your uncle released his hold and slunk in the seat next to you. "Well you see, my Momo-chan is actually angry at me."

You rolled your eyes at him, problems with the wife again. "How is she by the way? How is business at the flower shop?"

"Oh! It's going great, a few days ago we saw an article in the newspaper that gave it some good reviews!" He paused as a depressing aura began surrounding him, "but that is besides the point. So to make it up to her I decided to order a set of beautiful diamond earrings."

Before he could continue you already understood his request. "So you want me to go pick them up for you?"

"Could you? That would be great! I just got a call from the company and they're having a few problems with shipping papers so I have to head over there now."

"I already agreed to help you didn't I?"

Your uncle jumped up in glee and forced you into another hug. "How could I ever repay you my darling ________-chan?!"

You pried his hands away from you. "You could start by letting me go for now."

Suddenly the sound of his phone went off and you gestured to the door. He got up and headed out the apartment, thanking you generously on the way out. The comforting silence of your apartment beckoned you to continue on with your lazy routine, but you begrudgingly went to your room to get dressed.
Twenty minutes later you were getting into your car and ready to head out. You checked your phone and read the directions your uncle sent you to his friend's jewelry shop; your uncle was a well-known man so he had plenty of connections. You smoothly maneuvered the car out of the parking zone and towards your destination.

Once you reached the jewelry store you noticed that the street was almost vacant, it was a slow-paced afternoon and there were only a few people around. The only open parking space close to the store was right next to a police car, worrying you a little since your parking skills weren't exactly up to point. You slowly eased the car into the open space, trying to be as careful as you can. When you stepped out your eyes fell on a peculiar sight; two young-looking boys were handcuffed and sitting right next to the police car.

You slithered your way to the store, but before you could enter you heard a voice calling out. "Hey you!"

You turned around slowly and saw one of the boys; the one with orange-red hair and hazel eyes looking right at you. You pointed a slim finger at yourself in question.

"Yes you!"

For some stupid reason your rationality decided to take a break and you took a few steps closer towards him, completely ignoring the possibility that you are walking towards a felon.

"Did you want something?"

He smirked triumphantly. "You're cute."

You scrunched up your eyebrows in anger. "Are you serious?"

Before he could say anything you backed away and walked into the store. You could hear him calling you from outside but chose to ignore him, hoping that no one else noticed his cries for attention. You walked up to the front counter and plastered on your best innocent-shy-girl smile.

"Umm, Hirayama-san? My uncle called you about the earrings?"

"Ah yes! Of course. Just give me a second." The old man looked familiar, but then again so did most of your uncle's friends.

You stood there in silence, heavily concentrated on the fact that a young man was standing right next to you. You glanced at him from the corner of your eye and noticed him wearing a police uniform. It certainly explained the police car, and the handcuffed boys, something must have happened in the store right before you came. What a great day this was turning out to be you sarcastically thought. Your eyes wandered again to the young police officer next to you, and you blushed. He was quite handsome; red hair hanging elegantly beneath his hat, soft features, gorgeous vermillion eyes and a perfectly pointed nose. Your eyes travelled down the curve of his neck and to his obviously toned biceps showing through his short sleeved shirt. You admired his physique before your eyes traveled upwards to connect with questioning ruby-red ones. Your blush intensified but before the moment could get any worse you were interrupted by a cough. You instantly turned to notice the old man standing with a black velvet box in his hand.

He smiled slyly before handing you the earrings. "Here they are dear. Give my regards to your uncle."

You thanked him shyly and made your way to the exit, but was stopped by the man's voice. "You see that officer Matsuoka, such a lovely young lady. Her uncle is a dear friend of mine, we go way back. Such a contrast to the youth these days." He shook his head in disappointment

You proceeded to sputter ungracefully while the young man was obviously trying to stifle a laugh.

"Th-thank you Hirayama-san I'll be g-going n-now."

You rushed out of the store, mumbling to yourself.

Your thoughts were interrupted by a familiar voice. "Hey cutie, why won't you talk to me? Let me tell you more about myself, My name is Momotaro Mikoshiba, my hobbies are collecting dung beet-"

"Oh shut up would you!" you huffed angrily at him. You turned from the annoying boy to see an officer standing beside your car, obviously writing you a ticket.

You rushed over to his side, trying to understand the situation. "Excuse me officer, this is my car."

He turned his aqua eyes towards you with a certain edge to them. "You are parked in a no-parking zone, so I'm writing you a ticket."

"A no-parking zone? There's no sign indicating that!"

The officer lazily pointed towards a sign a few feet from you. You cursed under your breath, you must have missed it when that stupid Mikoshiba distracted you.

"I'm sorry officer I missed the sign, but you see I just went into the jewelry store for a few minutes."

His gaze turned into a glare and he stepped closer to you, his intimidating 6 feet towering over you.

"You are in no position to be talking miss, breaking the law and associating with a criminal under custody."

Your eyes widened in surprise and a sudden fury erupted within you. The officer was obviously throwing around false accusations!

"Excuse me? I don't even know that kid and I was only parked for five minutes!"

The officer leered at you threateningly "I don't appreciate your tone miss, are you doubting my judgement as a police officer?"

You weren't a troublemaker, you were usually calm and collected. Unfortunately today you were already on a short fuse and the weirdest situations kept happening to you, so you were confident that you were not responsible for your actions.
The officer's voice grated on your nerves and the hostility he was emitting kept you on edge. You continued arguing with the officer, loudly. Soon enough it escalated into a heated verbal fight which garnered much attention from people around you.

For some reason Mikoshiba decided to step in between you and the officer. "You even look cute when you're angry."

Before you could tell him off the officer gripped the boy by the front of his shirt. "I told you to stay by the car didn't I?"

The other boy who sported a silver mushroom haircut intervened, trying to calm the police officer down. The policeman; Yamazaki was his name -as indicated by the silverette's stuttering- let go of Mikoshiba to reprimand the other boy. Mikoshiba took the chance and gripped your wrist, you instantly started yelling urging him to let you go.

Amidst the chaos officer Matsuoka stepped out of the store to investigate the disturbance.

"Sousuke?" All eyes turned to the redhead and everyone froze.

You wanted to get out of the embarrassing situation fast, which led you to the second wrong decision you took that day; which was to drag Mikoshiba who was still clinging to you into the car, and start up the engine shakily before speeding off and away from all the commotion.
Your thoughts were rushing all at once. For some reason you remembered that you were out of currie powder amongst the sea of thoughts and mentally head faulted. Beside you Mikoshiba was laughing hysterically and encouraging you to go faster.

Realization hit you like a brick wall; you had just escaped from the cops, with a convict sitting in your passenger seat. You hit the breaks suddenly, the car coming to a halt at an intersection. You were panicking, there is no way you could explain the situation to the cops anymore. You were obviously going to jail for this, you could practically smell the prison food.

"Why the hell did you stop?"

You turned to Mikoshiba with a murderous aura surrounding you. "This is all YOUR fault!"

"Waahh? I didn't do anything, you were the one that shoved me into the car."

"Well you were the one that wouldn't let go"

The conversation came to a halt as loud police sirens echoed in the background. The hair on the back of your neck stood on edge, your rationality must have taken the day off because you hit the gas pedal and sped away. Then the worst possible thing happened, you ran out of gas and your car began slowing down. You moaned in defeat before stopping the car and turning it off. You slumped over in your seat, the voice of Mikoshiba panicking no longer registering in your mind. A few seconds later the sound of a halting car threw you out of your daze.

"Oh god! They're here! What are we going to do?" hollered Mikoshiba

You turned to Mikoshiba, finally surrendering to your anger and gripping him by the front of his shirt. "Not one more word out of you! I have had enough of this day. First of all I shouldn't have even been at that stupid store if it weren't for my useless uncle, then I happened to run into a handsome guy who turned out to be a cop and witnessed me fighting with his partner then run off with a convict! Do you have any idea how hard it is to find a descent guy in this time and age?!"

"Ehh, that's not my fault. Don't take it out on me just because you're frustrated with being single!" Mikoshiba shrugged and removed your hand from his person.

What you had failed to notice was officer Matsuoka standing beside your car door, shocked. You turned to him and blushed, stuttering out an apology. Matsuoka had no time to retort because officer Yamazaki had opened your car door and handcuffed you.
After a slight struggle you had convinced officer Matsuoka to appeal to his partner and allow you to make a phone call. You stood next to the police car, glaring at your phone's screen. The only person that could help you at the moment was the one that got you into this whole mess in the first place; your uncle. You took a deep breath and dialed his number.
It was a grueling process as you balanced the phone against your shoulder since your hands were still handcuffed. You blocked the voice of Mikoshiba who was whining in the backseat of the police car and concentrated on explaining the situation to your uncle as gently as possible. He gladly accepted coming to your rescue and you notified the officers that you were done with your call.

"Get in the car." ordered officer Yamazaki

You climbed into the backseat of the vehicle, and as officer Yamazaki was about to close the door his phone rang. He backed away and picked up, his eyes were trained on you until they widened and he sent a glare your way. He walked farther away from the car so you couldn't hear the conversation, officer Matsuoka following him. After the hushed conversation ended both officers walked back to the car. Yamazaki reached over to remove the handcuffs from your wrists and you let out a breath of relief.

"You're free to go, but first you have to come with us to the station." Yamazaki's glare softened and he cracked a small grin before continuing, "You still have to pay for that fine though."

Your eyebrows shot up into your hairline. Had you seriously just witnessed the tight-laced officer Yamazaki crack a joke?

On the way the police station you sat quietly in the backseat, trying to completely ignore Mikoshiba and his associate; Nitori's nervous chatter. Your eyes glanced to the front of the car and you could see Matsuoka looking back at you. You couldn't help the oncoming blush so you turned to stare out the window instead, stewing in embarrassment. Your heart was hammering in your chest, was that interest you saw in his eyes?

Finally in the station you explained the situation to the head officer, who turned out to be your uncle's friend. You never thought your uncle's connections would come in hand, until now that is. You paid your fine and took a seat, waiting for your uncle to pick you up.

In the awkward time that you spent sitting in a plastic chair in the station's waiting area officer Matsuoka finally approached you.

"Were you serious when you were talking to Mikoshiba that time?"

Your shocked expression did nothing to divert his attention from the subject at hand. "Y-yeah I guess."

He turned away from you, was that a blush you witnessed staining his ears red? "Then how about I see you again? I mean when I'm not on the job… for a coffee or something?"

You instantly perked up at the suggestion. "S-sure, that would actually be nice."

You heard a loud ruckus unfolding at the gate of the station, signaling that arrival of your uncle.

"Do you have a pen?"

Officer Matsuoka fidgeted in his place, glancing around him trying to find a pen. He suddenly ran off to an adjacent office before returning with a blue pen clutched in his digits. You graciously took the pen and pulled out a piece of paper from your purse, it was an old receipt with the words almost completely faded out. You scribbled down your number and handed him the pen back with the small piece of paper. You smiled up at him as he stuffed the paper into his pocket.


You giggled before shaking your head. "That's me, so I'll be taking my leave. I hope to hear from you soon officer Matsuoka."

You ran to meet your uncle who was worriedly hovering around you as you walked away from the police station. You asked him to drive you back to your car so you could retrieve the earrings and drive back to your apartment.

"________-chan, I told you I'd pay you back for the favor."

You smiled softly as you stared out the window from the passenger seat in your uncle's car. Maybe it wasn't such a bad day after all.
The last time she saw Rin was like a breath of fresh air. She had finally let go of all the suffocating contradictions and misconceptions in her mind. She came to peace with her affections towards him and decided to leave the rest to fate. The only issue after that was how to keep her mind off of the aforementioned person while he resolved everything with his childhood friends. The next tournament was coming up soon. She wondered whether she should go with Gou to cheer the team on.
She eventually decided to take a break from all these ideas and try to focus more on her school work and other activities until the day of the tournament.

The days passed quickly. It became a routine, waking up sleepily and dragging her body to school. She would spend some time with Gou and the boys but not as often. She distanced herself but kept up the slot of lunch break empty. She would sometimes accompany Gou to the rooftop and sit with the boys while they discussed their progress in swimming. By the end of the day she would curl up in her bedroom, and daydream the afternoon away until she felt her books calling to her. She would then slave away at her desk trying finish up her homework before eventually retiring for the night.
One thing she started to notice during those few days was the strange way all the boys were acting towards her, especially Rei. She felt like there was something going on, but tried to push all those thoughts away. Nagisa would give her mocking looks if Rin was mentioned and it confused her, the only reaction she gave him was a raised eyebrow. Makoto on the other hand would blush and avert his eyes from her questioning ones. She would try to ignore all the confusing behavior until Rei would break the silence with a cough, he would then push his glasses upwards and mutter jumbled words to take off the heat from the awkward silence. The only one that seemed unaffected was Haruka, but then again he was usually that stoic.
The day before the tournament she finally cracked and angrily made her way to Gou's desk before the lunch break.

"Okay, what is going on with the boys?"

"Huh? What are you talking about?" asked Gou

"You must know! Why are they acting this weird around me?"

Gou giggled in response before replying, "Oh they haven't told you yet?"

"Told me what?"

"Well, you didn't mention it before so I decided not to say anything but Rei saw you that night at the festival" she replied

She reverted her memories back to that day and instantly blushed.


"Well you already know that Rei was tailing onii-chan that night so when he was watching him he saw what happened."

"Oh god no, I can't believe I completely forgot about him!"

"Anyway, care to explain since it's now out in the open."

She felt her face burn up in a deeper blush but pushed down all the embarrassment and explained to Gou, "W-well I wanted to talk to him about something that happened before, and when I caught him he just looked so upset I couldn't help it."

Gou squealed and took _________'s hands between hers.

"That's so kawaii!"

"Keep your voice down! We're still in class you know." reprimanded _________

"So what does that mean? Did he tell you how he finally feels? Did he accept your confession from that time?"

"I don't know. It's just… Well I just wanted to show him my support but he didn't give me a reply. I decided to wait until he was ready to give me one himself."

"I'm sure things will clear up between you and onii-chan."

"I hope so."

After the conversation answered all her questions she decided to finally confront Rei. It was an awkward confrontation at first, until Nagisa decided to join in. His cheeky remarks soothed the awkwardness and the explanation went smoothly. After everyone finally understood what had happened they gave her their encouragement.

The day of the tournament was stressful for everyone. She finally made the decision to stay behind and let the chips fall where they may. Gou promised to phone her by the end of the tournament and tell her the results. It was more than enough assurance for her so she accepted her offer gratefully.
She felt restless the entire morning, fidgeting and unable to stay calm. She tried doing anything to keep her mind off of the tournament. She reorganized her room, and her collection of books and manga, she even helped her mother around the house. Eventually her mother asked her to run a couple of errands, hoping a walk would calm her down.
On her way back from the convenience store a shopping bag clutched in her hand, her phone started to buzz in her pocket. She fumbled to fetch it and almost dropped the groceries.

She balanced the phone between her shoulder and ear before answering, "Moshi moshi."

"________-chan! Rin swam with the team in the relay!" exclaimed Gou


"They won!" Gou paused before continuing, "but they were disqualified for breaking the rules."

"Damn! Too bad, anyway congratulate the guys for me would you?"

"Sure thing."

Before she hung up she heard Rin's distinct laughter and it made her grin. She could only imagine what his laughing face was like at that moment.

Unbeknownst to her Rin had caught his sister talking on the phone and proceeded to ask her about the person on the line.

"I-it was _________-chan."

"Oh, why isn't she here anyway?"

"Well, she said something about waiting for fate and giving everyone the space to fix things."

Surprisingly Haruka interrupted the conversation, "Aren't you going to go see her?"

Rin stood silently, shocked by Haruka's blunt question.

"Fate? What the hell is she talking about? That idiot." mumbled Rin with a lazy grin.

Gou giggled lightly before her phone was snatched from her fingers.

_________ was in her room, laying on the bed with a starstruck smile gracing her lips. The phone ringing snapped her from the daze she was in. After checking the caller ID her brow rose in question. Why was Gou calling again? Shouldn't she be celebrating or something with the rest? Nonetheless she picked up. The voice that boomed from the phone startled her.

"Can you make it to Iwatobi High now?" asked Rin

"W-wha… I mean yeah I guess. Just give me a few minutes." she replied

"I'll be waiting."

Once she realized the phone call ended she instantly jumped up from her spot and rushed out the front door. One of her shoes was still hanging off her foot and she struggled to pull it into place as she mounted her bicycle. Her heart was beating so fast, she almost swore it was about to jump right out of her chest. She was paddling as hard as she could to reach the school, but the thought of what she was going to say never crossed her mind. As she got closer she could make out a few different silhouettes standing at the front gate. Her paddling slowed and once she finally reached them she skidded to a halt. She set her bike to the side and started walking over to the group of boys and Gou. Amongst them stood Rin, a triumphant smirk on his face.

"Well that didn't take you long." Rin joked

Nagisa tried to muffle the sounds of his giggling, but it didn't go unnoticed by __________ who punched him lightly on the arm.

"My house is close by, anyway what's going on?"

There was a moment of silence before Rin nodded towards the others. They understood his request and started to walk off to give the two some space.

"First of all haven't I already told you fate has nothing to do with it? It is the effort that makes things happen." He began

"It's the sentiment itself, and why do you care anyway… about what I think?" she mumbled with a slight pout and a rising blush on her cheeks

Rin didn't say anything he just stood there, watching her squirm under his gaze until finally pulling her closer by her wrist. His free hand tucked a strand of hair behind her ear before pulling her face closer and brushing his lips against hers. She could feel him grin against her lips as his hand let go of her wrist and opted to pull her closer by her waist. She pushed her lips firmly against his which gave Rin the courage to ensnare her in a more consuming lip-lock. The gentleness in the way he handled her was different, but comforting nonetheless. It was much different from the way he had been handling her recently. It was more than enough to make her heart soar.

After they separated Rin spoke up again, " You have always been around for me, haven't you," he paused as an uncharacteristic blush appeared on his face before saying, "I'm s-sorry for not noticing sooner."

Her only reaction was to smile sweetly at him before saying, "I love you Matsuoka Rin."

Her words startled him and the only thing he could do was pull her into a comforting hug.

"Love you too, you idiot." He mumbled endearingly against her hair.
The rest of the day proceeded with a haze. _______ was left alone in the corridor to be discovered by Nagisa eventually. She was dragged off to watch the rest of the team compete in their heats. Sitting next to Gou she was struck silent, until she noticed everyone cheering on Makoto. She responded robotically, cheering on the gentle giant and the rest of the team later on.

After the disappointing end of the competition they all regrouped outside the venue. Standing on edge she surveyed the group's sour disposition, and waited for the awkward silence to end. Makoto smiled gently at her, as if to comfort her. She realized that Makoto was trying to lessen the tension and a sneaky blush rushed up to her cheeks. 'Makoto was too nice for his own good' she thought. He had just lost in his own heat, and the only thing he was thinking about were the feelings of those around him. It made her feel useless, not having anything to say to cheer the guys up. Instead she was stuck in a daze filled with Rin's lips, tongue and fingertips. She eventually shot Makoto an apologetic look before Gou finally broke the silence.
After Gou's surprise announcement everyone hurried over to Haruka's residence. On the way to his house she decided to finally kick her mind into overdrive, she had to try to help them. She felt useless, like she did when she first met Rin. She didn't know how to deal with his tantrums, he was always quick to push her away, but once he started to let her in she felt immense gratification. She had to give back to the group, especially after all they did for her. They had reunited her with Rin, and helped her  understand him better. They also stood by her when she was weak and made things less lonely. Considering the situation, she felt like she owed them a great deal.

By the time Haruka had gotten home, everyone had left. Everyone, except Makoto. Haruka silently held up his phone up to his ear. He listened carefully to the voicemail on his phone. The swim team was urging him on to join the relay. He felt something stirring within him, his team's resilience knew no bounds. Just when he thought the voicemail had ended the silence was engulfed by ______'s voice.
"Nanase-kun. I know this matter has nothing to do with me, but I hope you hear me out. This is worth another shot."
Haruka's eyes widened and a thought instantly struck him. A gentle shadow of a smile drifted to his lips and he decided to wake Makoto up.

The phone had been ringing constantly for the past half-an-hour, and she couldn't get herself to stretch her hand and pick up the phone. She hid her face underneath the warmth of her blankets and struggled to ignore the shrill tone of her phone's ringtone. After a few moments of silence she sighed. Her peace was short-lived as the phone sprung to life once more. She groaned loudly before throwing off the blankets and grabbing her phone off the bedside table.
"Moshi moshi." she answered groggily.

"Ah! _______-san! I have been trying to get a hold of you. The boys are participating in the relay!" Gou's excited voice proclaimed.

"Seriously?! I'll head out as soon as I can and join you."

"Great! There isn't much time left so hurry up."

Hanging up the phone she hurriedly trotted to the bathroom to take a quick shower before heading out.

By the time she reached her destination, the relay race was about to start. She stood next to Gou, holding on to the railings tightly as she diligently cheered on the team. Her eyes were drifting across the crowd and her voice fell silent mid-cheer as she spotted Rin's stupefied face. For some reason it made her smile, it was an expression she rarely witnessed on his face and it reminded her of the fire within him that she cherished so much.
Once the team had claimed their victory, her voice was husky from all the shouting and a grin etched itself across her lips. She was walking to catch up to the team when suddenly Haruka blocked her way.
"O-oh Nanase-kun. Congratulations on your win."

"Do you still believe it is worth another shot?"

His question baffled her and she hesitated to reply. She instantly remembered her words from the night before. She had chosen those words as encouragement to the young swimmer, but she never thought he would realize the underlying desperation within them.

"Yes, I do." was her straightforward answer

He nodded determinedly. Their thoughts were conveyed easily and it shocked her, but it also brought a slight comfort.

"So do I." replied Haruka

A sudden silence transpired and she averted her gaze from Haruka's strong one. She felt her body stiffen up at the subject discussed, but tried to calm down at the rare words of encouragement that Haruka offered her.

"The water is alive, once you dive in it bares its fangs and attacks. Don't be afraid." Haruka stated randomly before walking back to the group.

As she walked home dejectedly, her thoughts wandered. She had failed to meet Rin after the relay race. There was so much she needed explained and the only one who could clear up all the misunderstandings was Rin. After their encounter the last time her thoughts were laced with images of his face, the heat in his eyes, the way he held her, and most importantly the way he had left her with no explanation for his actions. The pattern in the recent interactions with him was becoming obvious, he would react instantly to her and then leave with no explanation. Her heart almost exploded when his lips latched on to hers, but it was instantly crushed when he left her oozing against the wall and dashed off.
Haruka's words echoed in her mind. The words themselves wouldn't mean anything in relation to the situation, but Haruka was elusive. Suddenly she found herself standing in front of her room's locked door. She had made her way into her house without noticing. She walked into her room and dumped her belongings on the bed before heading to the bathroom. She stared at herself in the mirror, clearly seeing her reflection, but her mind could not comprehend or realize her surroundings. She was starting to feel completely out of it and started to freak out. In her rush to awaken her slumbering consciousness she decided to draw herself a relaxing herbal bath.

The steam that was rising off the surface of the water in her bathtub lulled her into a sedated state and she eased herself into the hot water. As she lay half submerged, her aching muscles unfurling she glossed over Haruka's words. Why they had affected her this much was a mystery but she could feel a certain importance emitted from them.
Without noticing she started to mumble the words over and over again. In her hazed state she pictured Rin's face and her muscled clenched unwillingly. She could feel the warm water holding her captive, her emotions floating around her and suffocating her slowly. Lazily she leaned back and submerged her upper half in the water. After a few minutes her lunges began to scream for oxygen and she burst through the water with realization.
Her love shouldn't be feared, she should embrace it and let it submerge her in honesty.
Her lips spread into an all-knowing smirk and she relished in the surprising comfort her senpai had given her.

She was never one for festivals, too many people for her taste. To her surprise she agreed to go, once her classmate Matsuoka Gou suggested a visit to the Hachiman festival.
It had been a long time since she thought of wearing a yukata, but she couldn't back out now after she promised her friends that she would also wear one. Her mother had laid the yukata out on her bed. It was a simple one, more mature than the ones she used to wear when she was younger. It was a calm navy blue, surrounded by a pale pink cherry blossom pattern.
She stared at her reflection in the mirror, her (h/l) (h/c) tresses were swept up in a simple up-do that was held in place by an elegant hair ornament. She looked much different than usual, and it made her feel quite giddy. After she heard a few knocks on the door she rushed to head out with her friends.

Once in the festival she became mesmerized by all the lights. There were many people around, groups of children, families, and highschoolers were drifting around the different array of stalls at the festival. The crowd didn't seem to bother her as much, the atmosphere distracted her from everything that had been going on. She kept close to Gou and her friend; Chigusa. While wandering around they bumped into the swim club boys.
"Oh, you're all here!" greeted Gou

"Ah Gou-chan, _________-chan." answered Nagisa

"H-hello." intercepted Chigusa

"You're all wearing a yukata." observed Nagisa

"You look cute." stated Makoto

Her face instantly went red with obvious embarrassment, but thanks to some force out there Chigusa interrupted the awkward exchange.
"You mean our yukata?"

"Not exactly." replied Makoto sheepishly while scratching the back of his head.

All three girls burst into a fit of giggles, but then after a few exchange of words they separated with the group of boys.
They wandered the festival stalls and participated in a few events before _________ grew a little tired.

"You guys, my feet hurt a little from all the walking so I'm going to take a break. I'll catch up with you in a bit."

"Okay, just give us a call and we'll tell you where to meet us." answered Gou

The two girls made their way through the festival as ________ wandered around trying to find a place to rest for a while. During her search she spotted Nagisa, Makoto and Haruka and shuffled her way to the group.

"Oh _________-chan, why aren't you with the girls?" asked Nagisa

"I got a little tired from all the walking so I decided to take a break."

"You're welcomed to stay with us if you want." offered Makoto with a gentle smile on his face

She nodded shyly in acceptance. A comfortable silence drifted around them and she breathed a sigh of relief.
As Haruka was talking with two little boys she noticed Nagisa whispering to Makoto. She unintentionally heard Nagisa mention Rin being in the festival, and turned to the two boys wide eyed.

"R-rin is h-"

She was instantly cut off by Nagisa as he covered her lips with his palm. He held up his finger to his lips to indicate for her to keep quiet.

"We don't want Haru-chan to know so Rei is following him right now." whispered Nagisa

"R-rei?" she questioned

"Yes, he last spotted him near the park in the third district." replied Nagisa

"We think he might be going to our old elementary school." supplied Makoto

"Do you think it's okay if I go see him? I-I mean it could also help distract him but there's a few things I need to talk to him about." she asked determinedly

"I guess it could help." answered Nagisa as Makoto nodded softly in agreement

"I need to go, but I'll try to catch up with you guys later." she stated loudly to the group of boys.

It caught Haruka's attention and he turned to her and nodded. The boys waved at her while she haphazardly walked away.

She dragged her feet as fast as she could to catch up with Rin as fast as possible. Her mind was running with questions she wanted to ask him and she tried to organize her thoughts to no avail.
She eventually spotted Rin standing at a fence separating him from the school grounds. He had his fingers curled around the wire fence, his body stiff. She had wanted to run instantly to him, but she hesitantly stopped in her tracks to observe him. His expression was conflicted and her chest constricted at the sight. For no apparent reason all the questions in her head disappeared and left behind one simple realization. The one she loved was just as conflicted as she was, she had to put into consideration everything he was going through. She didn't have any direct information about what was going on, but she pieced things together from what she heard from his childhood friends.

She quietly made her way towards him and tapped his shoulder gently, he obviously flinched before turning towards her. His eyes were glazed as he stared at her, surprised by her sudden appearance. Before he could question her she cupped his face in her shaking hands. She stood on her toes so she could reach him and closed her eyes before she sealed her lips against his in a tender kiss. She tried to convey all her feelings of support in the kiss, and hoped that it could make him understand. After they separated their eyes instantly locked and they stood silently. She ran her teeth over her bottom lip in mild worry before finally grinning sweetly, her cheeks a little flushed. She suddenly started to make her way back to the festival. Rin called out to her, but she only turned around slightly and smirked before breaking into a run.

She felt all her inhibitions start to drain from her. Her heard filled to the brim with all the love she had. She made up her mind, she would wait until he was ready to accept her feelings. She couldn't keep rushing things, and she knew his answer will come to her when the time is right.

What she had failed to notice was that Rei had seen the exchange between her and Rin.
Aquatinted (Matsuoka Rin x Reader) Chp. 7
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I'll be uploading it soon.

Anyway I hope you enjoy this chapter. Thank you all for the support you have given me.
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